We support youth empowerment and leadership by creating platforms for collaboration that encourage innovation and learning through our:


SRGC Leadership Series

Cultivate Authentic Leadership

We believe leadership is not a characteristic reserved for the extraordinary. Discover the leader within yourselves by learning to inspire action and empowering others to become better individuals, while celebrating authentic leadership as the everyday act of improving each other’s lives through our Leadership Series.


SRGC Master Class Series

Accelerate Growth

We strive to accelerate growth by further building knowledge and experience to provide instrumental technique and performance strategies through our Master Class Series.


SRGC Speaker Series

Community Engagement

We seek to discover ideas and spark conversations worth spreading in our community delivered by experts and leaders in their respective fields by providing a unique insight and global perspectives into their chosen topics through our Speaker Series.


SRGC Workshop Series

Inspire Learning

We pursue to promote collaboration that encourages innovation and inspire learning by developing insights and sharing knowledge through our Workshop Series.

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