SRGC is currently in the development process to offer a Data and Predictive Analytics App called SaRInA – to Sense and Retrain Innate Aptitudes.

  • The purpose of this app is to enable scaled engagement with athletes, children, women and girls across the region in 6 areas of real-world activities:

  • sportsSENSE

    to Harvest potential athletes in sports through schools;

  • Esports HaBiTS

    to Measure, Report and Train Habits, Behaviours and Thinking Styles for athlete’s peak performance mental state;

  • Princess League

    to SENSE, Engage and Train with amateur and professional rhythmic gymnasts locally and internationally;

  • A-Woman

    to Advocate and Create Awareness for women and girl’s empowerment through our training programs and workshops;

  • Resilient Girl

    to Empower women and girls through participation in sports;

  • WomEn4.0 – SyNaPSE HaBiTS4.0

    to enable Business Start-Ups for disadvantaged and B40 women and girls for economic empowerment.

Forging ahead with the Industrial Revolution 4.0, SRGC in partnership with NeuroCloud is adopting the IR4.0 technologies in the areas of Direct Brain Measurement, Reporting and Training to improve Peak Performance in sports among others.

Watch this space for further developments or enquire within for more information.

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